Sept.-Dec. 2004

Recommended Reads

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* = Contemporary Setting
HC = Hardcover

2004 Nonfiction

Kafer, Peter–Charles Brockden Brown’s Revolution and the Birth of American Gothic–U. of PA Press (HC-May)

2004 Fiction

December 2004

Adams, C.J. and Cathy Clamp–Hunter’s Moon *–Tor

Aitken, Judie–Secret Shadows *– Berkley Sensation

Anderson, Jessica–Body Search *–Harlequin Intrigue #817

Bishop, Claudia–Buried by Breakfast *– Berkley Prime Crime

Bowdoin, Dorothy–Winter’s Tale *–Wings ePress

Brand, Irene–Listen to Your Heart *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired #280 (inspirational)

Bulock, Lyn–Protecting Holly * (Faith on the Line)–Steeple Hill Love Inspired #280 (inspirational)

Ciotta, Beth–Charmed *–Medallion Press

Cohen, Nancy J.–Died Blonde *–Kensington (HC)

Colley, Barbara–Dangerous Memories *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1338

Counts, Wilma–The Lady and the Footman–Zebra (Regency)

Erickson, Lyn–Husband and Lover *– Berkley Sensation

Freethy, Barbara–All She Ever Wanted *–Signet

Garbera, Katherine–Night Life *–Silhouette Bombshell #23

Gardner, Ashley–The Glass House– Berkley Prime Crime

Goff, Christine–Death Takes a Gander *– Berkley Prime Crime

Grady, Erin–Echoes *–Berkley Sensation (paranormal)

Hart, Arianna–Surprise *–Triskelion Publishing (E-book)

Hughes, Charlotte–And After That, The Dark *–Avon (reprint)

Hughes, Charlotte–Night Kills *–Avon (reprint)

Hughes, Charlotte–Valley of the Shadow *–Avon (reprint)

Jones, Linda Winstead–Running Scared *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1334

Jordan, Nicole–Lord of Seduction–Ballantine (Regency)

Kearney, Susan–Protector S.O.S. * (Heroes, Inc.)–Harlequin Intrigue #814

Kent, Alison–The Samms Agenda *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Laurie, Victoria–Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye *–Signet

Louard, Janette McCarthy–Portrait of Deception *–Dafina (multicultural)

Lowell, Elizabeth–Death Is Forever *–Avon

Matheson, Robin E.–Keeping Faith *–Wings ePress

McCall, Dinah (Sharon Sala)–Dreamcatcher*–Harper Torch (reprint)

McCall, Dinah (Sharon Sala)–Tallchief *Harper Torch (reprint)

McCauley, Barbara–Black Hawk Legacy *–Silhouette

McKenna, Lindsay–Sister of Fortune *–Silhouette Bombshell #21

Melton, Marliss–Forget Me Not *–Warner Forever

Neggers, Carla–The Rapids *–Mira

Parv, Valerie–Deadly Intent * (Diamond Downs)–Silouette Int. Moments #1336

Pence, Joanne–Courting Disaster *– Avon

Pershing, Diane–Whispers in the Night *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1337

Price, Maggie–Shattered Vows *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1335

Rawlins, Debbi–Secret Defender *–Harlequin Intrigue #818

Richards, Linda L.–Mad Money *–Mira

Riker, Leigh–Agent-in-Charge *–Harlequin Intrigue #815

Roberts, Kelsey–Bedside Manner * (Landry Brothers)–Harlequin Intrigue #813

Rosemoor, Patricia–Hot Case *–Silhouette Bombshell #24

Ryan, Jenna– Eden’s Shadow * (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #816 (gothic)

Slesar, Henry–Murder at Heartbreak Hospital *–Academy Chicago Publishers (reprint)

St. James, Sloan–The Dark Plain *–Baycrest Books (paranormal)

Style, Linda–The Witness * (Women in Blue)–Harlequin Superromance #1243

Surbeck, Kally Jo–For the Love of… *–Loose Id (E-book)

Webb, Debra–Justice * (Athena Force)–Silhouette Bombshell #22

Whittier, Aris–Fatal Embrace *–Five Star (HC)

November 2004

Anthology–Strange Bedfellows (Hot Blood Series) *–Kensington (trade pb horror)

Anthology–Stroke of Midnight *– St. Martin’s (paranormal)
Amanda Ashley, L.A. Banks, Lori Handeland, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ashworth, Adele–Duke of Sin– Avon

Barton, Beverly–Worth Dying For *–HQN

Beaton, M.C.–The Deadly Dance *– St. Martin’s Minotaur (HC)

Butler, Nancy–The Kindness of a Rogue–Signet (Regency)

Caine, Leslie–Death By Inferior Design *–Dell

Cameron, Stella–Now You See Him *–Mira (HC)

Carmichael, C.J.– Seattle After Midnight *–Harlequin Superromance #1240

Carmichael, Emily–The Cat’s Meow *–Bantam

Cohen, Nancy J.–Highlights to Heaven *–Kensington

Collins, Kate–Mum’s the Word *–Signet

Cooke, Cynthia–Peter’s Return *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired #275 (inspirational series)

Cote, Lyn–Loving Constance *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired #277 (inspirational series)

Cresswell, Jasmine–Full Pursuit *–Mira

Da Rif, Andrea–Kiss of Spice–Pocket

Davidson, Diane Mott–Double Shot *–William Morrow (HC)

Devereaux, Jude–Always *–Pocket (paranormal)

Devine, Thea–Sensation–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Donovan, Kate–Identity Crisis *–Silhouette Bombshell #20

Dunn Carola, A Mourning Wedding– St. Martin’s Minotaur (HC) (1920s era mystery series)

Etherington, Wendy–Sparking His Interest *–Harlequin Temptation #998

Evanovich, Janet–Metro Girl *–HarperCollins (HC)

Fairbanks, Nancy–Holy Guacamole *– Berkley Prime Crime

Ferrarella, Marie–Alone in the Dark *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1327

Fossen, Delores–Santa Assignment *–Harlequin Intrigue #812

Goodman, Jo–Always in My Dreams–Zebra

Grasso, Patricia–To Love a Princess–Zebra

Graves, Jane–Light My Fire *–Ivy

Harrison, Shirley–Sweet Justice *–BET/Arabesque (multicultural)

Heim, Rosemary–Virgin in Disguise *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1332

Herron, Rita–The Man From Falcon Ridge * (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #810 (gothic)

Hingle, Metsy–Deadline *–Mira

Hoffmann, Jilliane–Retribution *–Berkley (reprint)

Ingermanson, Randall–Double Vision *–Bethany House (trade pb) (inspirational)

Isenberg, Jane–Hot on the Trail *– Avon

Jenkins, Beverly–The Edge of Dawn *–Harper Torch

Johnson, Linda O.–Not a Moment Too Soon *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1331

Jones, Lisa Renee–Hidden Instincts *–Five Star (HC)

Kane, Mallory–A Protected Witness * (Ultimate Agents)–Harlequin Intrigue #809

Kane, Stephanie–Seeds of Doubt *–Scribner (HC)

Kearney, Susan–Hijacked Honeymoon *–Harlequin Intrigue #808

Kent, Alison–The Shaughnessey Accord *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Kerstan, Lynn–Dangerous Deceptions–Signet

Krentz, Jayne Ann–Falling Awake *–Putnam (HC)

Leigh, Jo–Christmas Stalking *–Harlequin Intrigue #811

Lewis, Sherry–The Children’s Cop * (Women in Blue)–Harlequin Superromance #1237

Lisle, Holly–Midnight Rain *–Onyx

Mann, Catherine–Pursued *–Silhouette Bombshell #18

Marshall, Evan–Crushing Crystal *–Kensington (HC)

Matturro, Claire–Skinny-Dipping *–William Morrow (HC)

McKade, Maureen–Arouse Suspicion *– Berkley Sensation

Neff, Mindy–Shotgun Ridge *–Harlequin

O Day-Flannery, Constance–Shifting Love *–Tor

Orloff, Erica–Knockout *–Silhouette Bombshell #19

Radcliffe, Ann–The Mysteries of Udolpho–Dover (trade pb reprint–gothic)

Rawlins, Debbi–A Family at Last *–Harlequin (reprint)

Roberts, Nora–Blue Dahlia *–Jove (ghost) (first book in trilogy)

Ross, JoAnn–Out of the Storm *–Pocket Star

Sala, Sharon–Missing *–Mira

Shayne, Maggie–Colder Than Ice *–Mira

Smith, Maureen–With Every Breath *–BET Books

Sobrato, Jamie–Too Wilde *–Harlequin Temptation #997

Stone, Lyn–Under the Gun *–Silhouette Int. Moments @1330

Sumners, Cristina–Thieves Break In * (Divine Mystery series)–Bantam

Taylor, Janelle–Dying to Marry *–Zebra

Thompson, Colleen–Fatal Error *–Leisure

Weaver, Ingrid–In Destiny’s Shadow * (Family Secrets)–Silhouette Int. Moments #1329

Webb, Debra–Full Exposure * (Colby Agency)–Harlequin Intrigue #807

October 2004

Anthology–Moon Shadows–Jove (paranormal)
Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan, Nora Roberts, Marianne Willman

Anthology–Night’s Edge *–HQN (paranormal)
Barbara Hambly, Charlaine Harris, Maggie Shayne

Anthology–Silent Night *–Leisure
Claudia Dain, Dee Davis, Evelyn Rogers

Adams, Alina–On Thin Ice *– Berkley Prime Crime

Albert, Susan Wittig–The Tale of Hill Top Farm–Berkley Prime Crime (HC) (historical mystery)

Avocato, Lori–A Dose of Murder *–Avon

Bach, Lauren–Pure Dynamite *–Zebra

Barrett, Jean–The Legacy of Croft Castle * (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #804 (gothic)

Bartholomew, Nancy–Stella, Get Your Gun *–Silhouette Bombshell #13

Blevins, Meredith–The Vanished Priestess *–Forge (HC)

Bond, Stephanie–Whole Lotta Trouble *–Avon

Bradley, Celeste–The Charmer– St. Martin’s

Brant, Kylie–In Sight of the Enemy * (Family Secrets: The Next Generation)–Silhouette Int.Moments #1323

Callen, Gayle–The Beauty and the Spy–Avon

Camp, Candace–Winterset–Mira (gothic)

Coble, Colleen–Into the Deep *–Westbow Press (trade pb) (inspirational)

Collins, Brandilyn–Stain of Guilt *–Zondervan (trade pb) (inspirational)

Conrad, Linda–Laws of Passion *–Silhouette Desire #1609

Coyle, Cleo–Through the Grinder *– Berkley Prime Crime

Craft, Francine–Wild Heart *–BET Books

Crombie, Deborah–In a Dark House *–William Morrow (HC)

Daley, Margaret–Gold in the Fire *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired #273 (inspirational series)

Daniels, B.J.–Cowboy Accomplice * (McCalls Montana)–Harlequin Intrigue #803

David, Kay–The Partner *–Harlequin Superromance #1230

Dekker, Ted–Three *–W Publishing (Trade PB) (inspirational)

Dees, Cindy–Killer Instinct *–Silhouette Bombshell #16

Dunbar, Natalie–Private Agenda *–Silhouette Bombshell #15 (multicultural)

Ferris, Monica–Crewel Yule *– Berkley Prime Crime

Foster, Lori–Just a Hint–Clint *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Fletcher, Meredith–Double-Cross * (The Athena Force)–Silhouette Bombshell #14

Fluke, Joanne–Sugar Cookie Murder *–Kensington (trade pb)

Gael, Chevon–Once in a Lifetime *–New Age Dimensions

Gansky, Alton–The Incumbent *–Zondervan (trade pb) (inspirational)

Gould, Judith–The Parisian Affair *–NAL (HC)

Hall, Jessica–Heat of the Moment *–Onyx

Hall, Parnell–And a Puzzle to Die On *–Bantam (HC)

Hart, Arianna–Dark Heat *–Triskelion Publishing (E-book) (paranormal)

Hathaway, Robin–Satan’s Pony *–Thomas Dunne (HC)

Henke, Shirl–Texas Viscount–Leisure

Jackson, Monica–In My Dreams *–Dafina Books

Jacobs, Holly–Found and Lost *–Harlequin Flipside #26

Jones, Tracy–Scent of the Wolf *–Amber Quill Press (werewolf)

Kent, Alison–The Bane Affair *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Kling, Christine–Cross Current *–Ballantine (HC)

Krich, Rochelle–Grave Endings *–Ballantine (HC)

Laurens, Stephanie–A Lady of His Own–Avon (gothic)

Lennox, Kara–Bounty Hunter Redemption * (Code of the Cobra)–Harlequin Intrigue #805

MacGregor, T.J.–Total Silence *–Pinnacle

Major, Ann–The Girl With the Golden Spurs *–Mira

Mallory, Anne-Masquerading the Marquess– Avon

Marshall, Evan–Toasting Tina *–Kensington (reprint)

Marton, Dana–Shadow Soldier *–Harlequin Intrigue #806

McMinn, Suzanne–Her Man to Remember *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1324

Metzger, Barbara–A Perfect Gentleman–Signet

Mulvany, Catherine–Run No More *–Pocket Star

Parv, Valerie–Live to Tell *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1322

Perry, Anne–Shoulder the Sky–Ballantine (HC) (historical mystery)

Pippin, Morag McKendrick–Blood Moon Over Bengal–Leisure

Roberts, Nora–Northern Lights *–Putnam (HC)

Rose, Karen–I’m Watching You *–Warner Forever

Sandrin, Amy–Heist and Seek *–Five Star (HC)

Skye, Christina–Code Name: Princess *–Dell

Soos, Troy–Burning Bridges–Kensington

Stine, R.L.–Eye Candy *–Ballantine

Stevens, Amanda–Just Past Midnight *–Harlequin

Taylor, Karen E.–Blood Red Dawn *–Pinnacle (vampire horror)

Terry, J.A.–Macumba–Aventine Press (trade pb) (paranormal lesbian romance)

Thayne, Rae Anne–Nothing to Lose *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1321

Wainscott, Tina–What She Doesn’t Know *– St. Martin’s

Webb, Debra–Situation:Out of Control * (Colby Agency)–Harlequin Intrigue #801

Welsh, Kate–Redeeming Travis *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired #271 (inspirational series)

Wesley, Valerie Wilson–Dying in the Dark *–Ballantine (HC)

West, Chassie–Killer Chameleon *–Harper Torch

White, Loreth Anne–Safe Passage *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1326

Wilde, Lori–Racing Against the Clock *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1325

Wilson, Gayle–Rules of Engagement * (Phoenix Brotherhood)–Harlequin Intrigue #802

September 2004

Anthology–Mysteries of Lost Angel Inn *–Harlequin (gothic)
Kathleen O’Brien, Evelyn Rogers, Debra Webb

Anthology–His Immortal Embrace–Pinnacle (horror-vampire)
Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands, Sara Blayne, Kate Huntington

Anthology–Hotter Blood *–Pinnacle (horror)
Mick Garris, R. Patrick Gates, Richard Laymon, Graham Masterton

Anthology–Hottest Blood *–Pinnacle (horror)
Nancy Holder, Matthew Costello, Bentley Little, Rex Miller, and others

Adair, Cherry–On Thin Ice *–Ballantine (HC)

Baldwin, Kathleen–Lady Fiasco–Zebra (Regency)

Barton, Beverly–As Good As Dead *–Zebra

Berenson, Laurien–Jingle Bell Bark *–Kensington (HC)

Benjamin, Carol Lea–Fall Guy *–William Morrow (HC)

Bicos, Olga–Dead Easy *–Mira

Birdsell, Donna–The Painted Rose– Berkley Sensation

Blackstock, Terri–Rivers Edge *–Zondervan (trade pb)

Blair, Sandy–A Man in a Kilt–Zebra

Brandewyne, Rebecca–The Ninefold Key–Mira (gothic)

Cash, Dixie–Take Out the Trash *–Avon

Childs, Laura–The Jasmine Moon Murder *– Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Chittenden, Meg–Snap Shot *– Berkley Sensation

Clark, Jaycee–Deadly Obsession *– (E-book)

Clark, Jaycee–Deadly Ties *– (E-book)

Coel, Margaret–Wife of Moon *– Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Copeland, Lori–A Case of Nosy Neighbors *–Tyndale House (trade pb) (inspirational)

Coulter, Catherine–False Pretenses *–Signet (reprint)

D’Alessandro, Jacquie–Love and the Single Heiress–Avon

Daniels, B.J.–The Cowgirl in Question *–Harlequin Intrigue #797

Davis, Justine–In His Sights *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1318

Diamond, Jacqueline–The Stolen Bride *–Harlequin Intrigue #800

Douglas, Charlotte–Love Under Cover * (Trueblood Texas)–Harlequin

Downs, Susan K. & Warren, Susan May–Nadia–Barbour (trade pb) (inspirational

Ferrarella, Marie–In Broad Daylight *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1315

Fetzer, Amy J.–Undercover Marriage *–Harlequin Intrigue #799

Fforde, Jasper–The Well of Lost Plots *–Penguin (reprint)

Garwood, Julie–Murder List *–Ballantine (HC)

Giordano, Lauren–For Her Protection *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1320

Graham, Heather–The Presence *–Mira (ghost)

Gutteridge, Rene–Boo Who *–WaterBrook Press (trade pb) (inspirational)

Heitzmann, Kristen–Secrets *–Bethany House (trade pb) (inspirational)

Houston, Victoria–Dead Water * ( Loon Lake)–Prime Crime (reprint)

Johansen, Iris–Blind Alley *–Bantam (HC)

Johnson, Janice Kay–Revelations *–Harlequin Superromance #1228

Johnson, Joan–The Rivals *–Pocket

Lamb, Joyce–Found Wanting *–Five Star (HC)

Lane, Connie–The Duke’s Scandalous Secret–Pocket

Ledbetter, Suzann–Ahead of the Game *–Mira

Leto, Julie Elizabeth–Line of Fire *–Harlequin Code Red #2

Macomber, Debbie–44 Cranberry Point *–Mira

Manuel, Lisa–Mostly Mayhem–Zebra

Morgan, Hunter–She’ll Never Live *–Zebra

Murphy, Christine W.–Blood on Skates *–

Needham, Linda–A Scandal to Remember– Avon

O’Farrell, Maggie–My Lover’s Lover *–Penguin (reprint) (gothic)

Orwig, Sara–Don’t Close Yours Eyes *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1316

Peterson, Susan–Midnight Island Sanctuary (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #798 (gothic)

Robb, J.D.–Glory in Death– Berkley (futuristic) (reprint)

Roberts, Nora–Sanctuary *–Jove (reprint)

Rosemoor, Patricia–In Dreams *–Harlequin Blaze #151

Rustand, Roxanne–Operation: Texas *–Harlequin Superromance #1227

Stevens, Amanda–Unauthorized Passion *–Harlequin Intrigue #796

Thorne, Tamara–Haunted *–Pinnacle (horror-ghost)

Wayne, Joanna–A Father’s Duty *–Harlequin Intrigue #795

Weaver, Angela–By Intent *–BET Books

Wilhelm, Kate–The Unbidden Truth *–Mira (HC)

Winters, Jill–Raspberry Crush *–NAL (trade pb)

Wittich, Justine–Family Matters *–Five Star (HC)