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May/June 91 GJ1-1 Author profile on Jill Tattersall, “Where To Find Gothics”; “What is a Gothic?”   Add to Cart
July/August 91 GJ1-2 Author profile: Carola Salisbury; gothic word search puzzle; “Where To Find Gothics.”   Add to Cart
September/October 91 GJ1-3 Author profiles: Dan Ross (author of 323 novels) and Patricia Werner; a gothic short story by Marion Schultz.   Add to Cart
November/December 91 GJ1-4 A scoop author profile revealing Madeleine Brent’s identity as Peter O’Donnell, author of Modesty Blaise thrillers; “What Makes a Gothic Good.”   Add to Cart
January/February 92 GJ1-5 Author profile on Anne Rundle (aka Alexandra Manners); “The Future of Gothics.”   Add to Cart
March/April 92 GJ1-6 Author profile on Janet Louise Roberts; author notes on 10 authors, over two dozen reviews.–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
May/June 92 GJ2-1 Author profile on John M. Kimbro, author of over 80 books including the 40-book Saga of the Phenwick Women; market news, reader comments.   Add to Cart
July/August 92 GJ2-2 Author profile on Virginia Coffman, “Writing Sexy for the Gothics,” Reading Between the Lines.   Add to Cart
September/October 92 GJ2-3 Author profile on Mary Stewart, “Historical Faux Pas Alert!,” awards.   Add to Cart
November/December 92 GJ2-4 Profile on Mary Roberts Rinehart, “Genreflections.”   Add to Cart
January/February 93 GJ2-5 Author profile on Daphne du Maurier, “Gothics: The Stepchildren of the Romance Field.”   Add to Cart
March/April 93 GJ2-6 Author profile on Willo Davis Roberts, “The Gothic Connection.”   Add to Cart
May/June 93 GJ3-1 Author profile on Bram Stoker, “The Quest of the Heroine in the Gothic Novel.”   Add to Cart
July/August 93 GJ3-2 Special tribute to Eleanor Hibbert, aka Victoria Holt.–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
September/October 93 GJ3-3 Author profile on Dorothy Daniels, “Writers’ Networks.”   Add to Cart
November/December 93 GJ3-4 Author profile on Norah Lofts, audio romance–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
January/February 94 GJ3-5 Author profile on Velda Johnston, du Maurier bio reviews, Great Gothic Setting winner–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
March/April/May 94 GJ3-6 Author profile on Helen MacInnes, Editor Profile: Leslie Wainger.–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
June/July 94 GJ4-1 Author profile on Dorothy Eden, Editor Profile: Ann LaFarge, “What’s in a Category?”–Sold out!  SOLD OUT!
August/September 94 GJ4-2 Author profile on Daoma Winston, Agent Profile: Elizabeth Pomada, “Genre Definitions,” “How Can You Write Doom and Gloom?,” Second Opinions (Column Begins)–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
October/November 94 GJ4-3 Author profile on Anya Seton, Agent Profile: Jodi Jill.   Add to Cart
December/January 95 GJ4-4 Author profile on Anne Maybury, Agent Profile: Ethan Ellenberg, Editor Profile: Audrey LaFehr, Patricia Werner Interview.   Add to Cart
February/March 95 GJ4-5 Author profile on Evelyn Anthony, “Secrets Gothics Could Learn From Regencies.”   Add to Cart
April/May 95 GJ4-6 Author profile on Isabelle Holland, “The Allure of the Gothic,” “Stalkers,” “British Romance Report.”   Add to Cart
June/July 95 GJ5-1 Author profile on Lee Karr, “Gothics Hit the Bottom Line,” “GJ Attends RT Convention.”   Add to Cart
August/September 95 GJ5-2 Author profile on Susan Howatch, “John Dunning on First Editions,” “Gothic Literature, Architecture, and the Romantic Mood.”–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
October/November 95 GJ5-3 Author profile on Frances Parkinson Keyes, “Recipe for Romantic Intrigue,” “Gothic Motifs: Gargoyles.”   Add to Cart
December/January 96 GJ5-4 Author profile on Elisabeth Ogilvie, “Tribute to Dan Ross,” “Gothic Motifs: The Green Man,” “Is the Gothic Dead–Or Is It Just Breathing Shallow?”   Add to Cart
February/March 96 GJ5-5 Author profile on Jane Toombs, “The Romance Behind the Painted Ladies,” “British Romance Report,” “Gothic Motifs: Mazes.”–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
April/May 96 GJ5-6 Special tribute to Phyllis A. Whitney, “Haunted Hotels” column begins, “Gothic Romance Library Update,” “Hypnotherapist Helps Writers Research Past Lives.”   Add to Cart
June/July 96 GJ6-1 Author profile on Rachel Cosgrove Payes, “Gothic, Jr.: Treasures from the Young Adult Shelves,” “Romance and Mystery, a Tough Combination,” “Number of Gothic Romances Triples,” “Gothic Romance Library Update.”   Add to Cart
August/September 96 GJ6-2 Author profile on Robert Goddard, “How and Where to Place Your Manuscript,” “British Romance Report,” “Gothic Romance Library Book Catalog.”   Add to Cart
October/November 96 GJ6-3 Author profile on Anne Stuart, “The Shiver Screen,” “British Romance Report,” “Those Fabulous Follies.”    Add to Cart
December/January 97 GJ6-4 Author profile on Elsie Lee, “The Shiver Screen,” “British Romance Report,” 7 author notes.   Add to Cart
February/March 97 GJ6-5 Author profile on Elinor Denniston (Rae Foley), “The Shiver Screen,” “Interview: Write Way Publishing,” “Gothic Visions: Introduction,” “The Allure of Grecian Settings.”   Add to Cart
April/May 97 GJ6-6 Author profile on Barbara Mertz (Barbara Michaels and Elizabeth Peters), “The Gothic Family Tree: Deep Gothic Roots,” The Shiver Screen: The Mystery of the Missing Movies.”–Sold Out! SOLD OUT!
June/July 97 GJ7-1 Author profile on M. M. Kaye, “The Shiver Screen: Hitchcock: the Master of Romantic Suspense,” “The Gothic Family Tree: Walpole: The Master of Strawberry Hill”   Add to Cart
August/September 97 GJ7-2 Author profile on Mignon G. Eberhart, “The Gothic Family Tree: Clara Reeve’s Kinder Gothic,” “The Shiver Screen: On Vacation via Post-War Films”   Add to Cart
October/November 97 GJ7-3 Author profile on Joan Aiken, “The Shiver Screen: The Spirit of Love (and Danger) in Supernatural Romance,” “Hedge Maze: Finding Laura”   Add to Cart
December/January 98 GJ7-4 Author profile on Jane Aiken Hodge, “The Shiver Screen: The Spirit of Love (and Danger) in Supernatural Romance (Part 2),” “Gothics and the Shrinking Midlist,” Annual Market Update (12 pages), “The Gothic Family Tree: Sophia Lee”   Add to Cart
February/March 98 GJ7-5 Author profile on Constance Heaven, “The Shiver Screen: Dangerous Hearts: Romantic Partners in Crime” (part1), “Lighthouses: A Brief History” (part 1), “The Gothic Family Tree: Ann Radcliffe”   Add to Cart
April/May 1998 GJ7-6 Author profile on T.E. Huff (aka Jennifer Wilde), “The Shiver Screen: Dangerous Hearts on the Home Screen” (part 2), “Lighthouse Keepers” (part 2), “The Gothic Family Tree: Matthew Gregory ‘Monk’ Lewis”   Add to Cart
June/July 98 GJ8-1 Author profile on Evelyn Berckman, “The Shiver Screen: Dangerous Heart on the Home Screen” (part 3), “Lighthouse Stories” (part 3), “The Gothic Family Tree: Charles Robert Maturin”   Add to Cart
August/September 98 GJ8-2 Author profile on Mary Linn Roby, “Venice–Proud Queen of the Adriatic,”  “Those Romantic Mysterious Vampires,”  “The Gothic Family Tree: Charles Brockden Brown”   Add to Cart
October/November 98 GJ8-3 Author profile on Rona Randall, ” Nancy Drew: Who Owes It All To . . . ,””The Shiver Screen: My Hero, My Love,”  “The Gothic Family Tree: Mary Shelley” –56 pages!   Add to Cart

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