Kristi Lyn Glass is the founder and publisher of Gothic Journal.

Kristi graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, with a B.A. in English and Journalism. Her career then followed a steady course that utilized her skills as a creative writer and graphic designer. In addition to her involvement with Gothic Journal since 1991, here are some career highlights:

  • Five years as editor of a national magazine for student journalists
  • Five years as assistant director of two national school press associations
  • Five years supervising the judging of over 5,000 school yearbooks
  • Edition layout editor for the nation’s largest regional horsemen’s advertiser
  • Over six years as documentation manager for a software company
  • Editor of a variety of newsletters
  • Over four years as a contract technical writer for Fortune 500 and other companies
  • Web page designer and administrator
  • Over nine years as a representative for a school yearbook publisher
  • Advertising and public relations manager for several businesses
  • Author of two fiction manuscripts and dozens of technical manuals
  • Over nine years as a grant writer and marketing and development specialist for a large nonprofit corporation
  • Producer and seller of a variety of artistic creations and proprietary products since 1993

Kristi retired from her full-time writing career in 2005 to devote more time to her artistic pursuits and other interests. For more information, see her personal website and blog: