From 1991 through 1998, Gothic Journal was the only news and review magazine for readers, writers, and publishers of romantic suspense, romantic mystery, and gothic, supernatural, and woman-in-jeopardy romance novels. Volume 8, Number 3, October/November 1998, was its final issue published.

Since the 1980s, the meaning of the word “Gothic” has been taken over by the Goth movement, which is very dark. Followers of the Goth movement typically wear black clothes and sometimes paint their faces to look ghoulish. In literature, “Gothic” novels since the 1980s have been characterized by having very dark themes, populated by vampires and other supernatural creatures, and tending more toward horror than romance. The “Gothic Romances” favored by Gothic Journal are from an earlier period, roughly 1950-1990, during which they contained three key elements: romance, life-threatening suspense, and a puzzle/mystery. This type of Gothic Romance has seen a comeback recently, though such books may be difficult to find, as they are not typically marketed as such.

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