Jan.-May 2007

Recommended Reads

The links below provide more information about each book, and often include a synopsis, reviews, and picture of the book’s cover.

* = Contemporary Setting
HC = Hardcover

May 2007

Cassidy, Carla–Safety in Numbers *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1463

Cole, Kresley–If You Desire–Pocket

Conrad, Linda–Shadow Warrior *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1465

Cruise, Jennifer & Bob Mayer–Don’t Look Down *– St. Martin’s

Daley, Margaret–Vanished *–Love Inspired Suspense (inspirational)

Forster, Suzanne–The Arrangement *–Mira

Fossen, Delores–Undercover Daddy * (Five Alarm Babies)–Harlequin Intrigue #990

Fowler, Earline–The Saddlemaker’s Wife *– Berkley

Gote, Lyn–Dangerous Game *–Love Inspired Suspense (inspirational)

Grasso, Patricia–Tempting the Prince –Zebra

Hansen, Valerie–Deadly Payoff *–Love Inspired Suspense (inspirational)

Holly, Emma–All U Can Eat *– Berkley

Howard, Linda–Cover of Night *–Ballantine

James, Elle–Cowboy Sanctuary * (Bodyguards Unlimited Denver Colorado)–Harlequin Intrigue #987

Kane, Mallory–Juror No. 7 *–Harlequin Intrigue #992

Ledbetter, Suzann–Halfway to Half Way *–Mira

Lee, Rachel–The Last Affair *–Dafina Books

Logan, Kimberly–The Devil’s Temptation– Avon

Low, Gennita–Virtually His *–Mira

Lowell, Elizabeth–The Wrong Hostage *– Avon

Martin, Kat–The Secret *–Zebra (reissue)

Marton, Dana–Ironclad Cover * ( Mission: Redemption)–Harlequin Intrigue #991

McNaught, Judith–Perfect *–Pocket (reissue)

Monroe, Lucy–Satisfaction Guaranteed *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Palmer, Diana–Outsider *–Harlequin

Pershing, Diane–One Cool Lawman *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1466

Price, Maggie– Jackson’s Woman *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1464

Robb, J.D.–Born in Death– Berkley (futuristic)

Roper, Gayle–Caught in the Act *–Love Inspired Suspense (inspirational)

Safaa, Chilufiya–The Art of Love *–Dafina Books

Stewart, Mariah–Devlin’s Light *–Pocket (reissue)

Thurlo, Aimee–Council of Fire * (Brotherhood of Warriors)–Harlequin Intrigue # 988

Webb, Debra–Hostage Situation * (The Equalizers)–Harlequin Intrigue #989

April 2007

Albert, Michele–Tough Enough *–Pocket

Anderson, Jessica–Prescription: Makeover *–Harlequin Intrigue #982

Barton, Beverly–The Dying Game *–Zebra

Bellis, Naomi–Draw Down the Darkness–Signet Eclipse (paranormal)

Brand, Irene–The Sound of Secrets *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense

Bruce, Ann–Fall Dead *–Cerridwenpress.com (E-book)

Cameron, Stella–Target *–Mira

Cote, Lyn–Dangerous Season *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense

Coulter, Catherine–Blowout *–Jove (reprint)

Cox, Sandra–The Crystal *–Cerridwenpress.com (E-book)

Diaz, Lisa–Deadly Deceit *–Newconcepts.com (E-book)

Feehan, Christine–Dark Gold *–Leisure (reprint, paranormal)

Ferrarella, Marie–Diagnosis: Danger *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1460

Foley, Gaelen–Her Only Desire–Ballantine

French, Judith E.–Blood Ties *–Love Spell

Gideon, Nancy–Warrior for One Night *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1462

Giusti, Debby–Nowhere to Hide *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense

Graham, Heather–The Dead Room *–Mira (HC, ghost)

Graves, Samantha–Sight Unseen *–Warner Forever (paranormal)

Grothaus, Heather–The Champion–Zebra (paranormal)

Harrison, C.C.–The Charmstone *–Five Star

Hoyt, Elizabeth–The Leopard Prince–Warner Forever

Jackson, Lisa–Absolute Fear *–Kensington (HC)

Jones, Taylor–The Untamed Earl–Leisure

Kane, Andrea–Dark Room *–Morrow (HC)

Kent, Alison–The Perfect Stranger *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Lisle, Holly–Night Echoes *–Signet Eclipse (paranormal)

Marton, Dana–Secret Contract * ( Mission: Redemption)–Harlequin Intrigue #985

McCall, Penny–All Jacked Up *– Berkley Sensation

Miles, Cassie–Compromised Security * (Safe House: Mesa Verde)–Harlequin Intrigue #984

Mills, Jenna–The Perfect Stranger *–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1461

Montoya, Tracy–Finding His Child *–Harlequin Intrigue #986

Mostert, Natasha–Season of the Witch *–Dutton (HC-paranormal)

Odell, Terry–Finding Sarah *–Cerridwenpress.com (E-book)

Palmer, Sue–Escape from Pursuit *–Triskelionpublishing.net (E-book)

Peterson, Ann Voss–Special Assignment * (Bodyguards Unlimited Denver, Colorado)–Harlequin Intrigue #981

Poarch, Candice–Golden Night *–Dafina Books

Robards, Karen–Obsession *–Putnam (HC)

Robins, Sari–When Seducing a Spy– Avon

Roper, Gayle–Caught in the Middle *–Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense

St. Claire, Roxanne–Take Me Tonight *–Pocket Star

Stuart, Anne–Ice Blue *–Mira

Tarr, Hope–The Haunting *–Harlequin Blaze #317 (ghost)

Toombs, Jane–Tower of Shadows *–Champagne Books (ebook–gothic)

Wallace, Amy–Ransomed Dreams *–Multnomah (trade pb, inspirational)

Webb, Debra–A Soldier’s Oath * (The Equalizers)–Harlequin #983

Wind, Ruth–Desi’s Rescue * (Sisters of the Mountain)–Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1459

Young, Nicole–Love Me if You Must *–Revell (trade pb, inspirational)

March 2007

Arthur, Keri–Tempting Evil *–Dell (paranormal, vampire, werewolf)

Barton, Beverly–As Good As Dead *–Zebra (reprint)

Breton, Laurie–Point of Departure *–Mira

Childs, Laura– Blood Orange Brewing *– Berkley

Clark, Carol Higgins–Hitched *–Pocket

Day, Alyssa–Atlantis Rising *– Berkley (paranormal, vampires, shapeshifters)

Delacorte, Shawna–Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?*–Harlequin Intrigue #979

Eglin, Anthony–The Lost Gardens *– St. Martin’s (reprint)

Feehan, Christine–Deadly Game *–Jove (paranormal, futuristic)

Fetzer, Amy J.–Intimate Danger *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Graham, Heather–The Island *–Mira (reprint)

Herron, Rita–Justice for a Ranger * (The Silver Star of Texas)–Harlequin Intrigue #977

Hoag, Tami–Prior Bad Acts *–Bantam (reprint)

Inclan, Jessica–Believe in Me *–Zebra (paranormal telepath, trade pb)

Jackson, Lisa–Shiver *–Zebra (reprint)

Jackson, Melanie–Writ on Water *–Love Spell (paranormal)

Laurey, Rosemary–Midnight Lover *–Zebra (paranormal vampire)

Long, Kathleen–A Necessary Risk *–Harlequin Intrigue #976

McCall, Dinah–The Survivors *–Mira

McCray, Cheyenne–Chosen Prey *– St. Martin’s

Mead, Richelle–Succubus Blues *–Kensington (paranormal succubus, trade pb)

Miles, Cassie–Protective Confinement * (Safe House: Mesa Verde)–Harlequin Intrigue #978

Moore, Stephanie Perry–Chasing Faith *–Dafina Books (trade pb)

Neggers, Carla–Cut and Run *–Mira (reprint)

Pollero, Rhonda–Knock Off *–Kensington (HC)

Ross, Joann– No Safe Place *–Pocket

Sheedy, E.C.–Without a Word *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Solomon, Annie–Dead Shot *–Warner (HC)

Stewart, Mariah–Final Truth *–Ballantine

Thurlo, Aimee and David–Mourning Dove *–Forge (Ella Clah mystery)

Thompson, Dawn–Blood Moon –Love Spell (vampire)

Wayne, Joanna–24/7 * (Bodyguards Unlimited: Denver, Colorado)–Harlequin Intrigue #976

White, Pat–Miss Fairmont and the Gentleman Investigator * (The Blackwell Group)–Harlequin Intrigue #980

February 2007

Ashley, Amanda–Dead Sexy *–Zebra (paranormal vampire)

Brennan, Allison–Speak No Evil *–Ballantine

Britton, Andrew–The American *–Kensington (HC)

Butcher, Shannon K.–No Regrets *–Warner

Daniels, B.J.–Big Sky Standoff * ( Montana Mystique)–Harlequin Intrigue #969

Davis, Genie–Five O’Clock Shadow *–Zebra

Dodd, Christina–Tongue in Chic *–Signet (reprint)

Fluke, Joanne–Cherry Cheesecake Murder *–Kensington

Fossen, Delores– Trace Evidence in Tarrant County * (The Silver Star of Texas)–Harlequin Intrigue #971

Garvey, Amy–I Love You To Death *–Kensington (3 novellas)

Hamilton, Lyn —The Orkney Scroll *– Berkley (reprint)

Jackson, Lisa; Beverly Barton; Wendy Corsi–Most Likely to Die *–Zebra (3 authors, one story)

Karr, Leona– Shadow Mountain *–Harlequin Intrigue #973

Kearney, Susan– Island Heat *–Tor (futuristic)

Kenyon, Sherrilyn–The Dream Hunter — St. Martin’s (paranormal)

Krentz, Jayne Ann–All Night Long *–Jove

Leigh, Lora–Dangerous Games *– St. Martin’s

Novak, Brenda–Dead Giveaway *–Mira

Raye, Kimberly–Dead and Dateless *–Ballantinee (paranormal, vampire, werewolf)

Rose, Karen–Count to Ten *–Warner

Russe, Savannah–Beneath the Skin *–Signet (paranormal, vampire)

Ryan, Jenna–Cold Case Cowboy *–Harlequin Intrigue #972

Sinclair, Dani–Sleeping Beauty Suspect *–Harlequin Intrigue #970

White, Pat–The English Detective and the Rookie’s Agent * (The Blackwell Group)–Harlequin Intrigue #974

January 2007

Anthology–Valentine’s Day is Killing Me *–Kensington
Mary Janice Davidson, Leslie Esdaile, Susanna Carr

Apodaca, Jennifer–The Sex on the Beach Book Club *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Bodoin, Dorothy–Darkness at Foxglove Corners *–Wings ePress

Brophy, Sarah–Midnight Eyes –Zebra

Bruce, Gemma–Who Wants to be a Sex Goddess? *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Ivy, Alexandra–When Darkness Comes *–Zebra (paranormal)

Jeffries, J.M.–A Dangerous Love *–Indigo, Genesis Press

Kessler, Jackie–Hell’s Belles *–Zebra (paranormal trade pb)

Massey, Brandon–Within the Shadows *–Dafina Books

Norman-Bellamy, Kendra–In Greene Pastures *–Urban Christian (trade pb)