Jan.-Mar. 2004

Recommended Reads

The links below provide more information about each book, and often include a synopsis, reviews, and picture of the book’s cover.

* = Contemporary Setting
HC = Hardcover

March 2004

Allen, Harper–Desperado Lawman *–Harlequin Intrigue #760

Anderson, Jessica S.–Secret Witness *–Harlequin Intrigue #762

Bailey, Mari–Poison in Paradise *–www.awe-struck.net (e-book)

Bates, Shelley–Grounds to Believe *–Steeple Hill (trade pb) (inspirational)

Baxter, Cynthia–Dead Canaries Don’t Sing *–Bantam

Brandt, Beverly–Dream On *– St. Martin’s

Breton, Laurie–Mortal Sin *–Mira

Carlyle, Liz–A Deal With the Devil *–Pocket Star

Carrington, Tori–Where You Least Expect It *–Silhouette Special Edition #1600

Castle, Jayne (aka Jayne Ann Krentz)–After Glow–Jove (futuristic paranormal)

Ciotta, Beth–Jinxed *–Medallion Press

Crosby, Susan–Private Indiscretions *–Silhouette Desire #1570

Daniels, B.J.–Day of Reckoning *–Harlequin Intrigue #761

Diggs, Anita Doreen–A Meeting in the Ladies Room *–Dafina (HC)

Duncan, Diane–Bulletproof Bride *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1284

Fluke, Joanne–Fudge Cupcake Murder *–Kensington (HC)

Garner, Sharon K.–Sanctuary *–Five Star

Graham, Heather–Dead on the Dance Floor *–Mira (HC)

Hall, Jessica–Into the Fire *–Onyx

Harlen, Brenda–Extreme Measures *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1282

Heim, Rosemary–Memory Reload *–Harlequin Intrigue #764

Horton, Sharon–First Sight to Last *–www.hardshell.com

Jackson, Lisa–The Morning After *–Zebra

Laurens, Stephanie–The Ideal Bride–William Morrow (HC)

Lewis, Shelby–Simply Wild *–BET Books

Lloyd, Dee–Unquiet Spirits *–www.ltdbooks.com (paranormal)

Lovelace, Merline–The Right Stuff *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1279

Low, Gennita–Facing Fear *–Avon

Lynn, Sheryl–Behind the Shield *–Harlequin Intrigue #763

Mann, Catherine–Anything, Anywhere, Anytime *–Silhouette

McBride, Mary–Ms. Simon Says *–Warner Forever

Meyer, Joanne–Fortune Cookie *–Kensington (Trade PB)

Mindel, Jenna–Kiss of the Highwayman–Signet (Regency)

Norfleet, Celeste O.–Reflections of You *–BET Books

Pappano, Marilyn–One True Thing *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1280

Pineiro, Caridad–Darkness Calls *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1283

Ross, JoAnn–Out of the Blue *–Pocket

Shayne, Maggie–Edge of Twilight * (Wings in the Night)–Mira (vampire)

Sneed, Tamara–You’ve Got a Hold on Me *– St. Martin’s (multicultural)

Stevens, Amanda–Silent Storm *–Harlequin Intrigue #759

Stone, Lyn–Down to the Wire *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1281

Taylor, Andrew–An Unpardonable Crime–Hyperion (HC)

February 2004

Allen, Harper–Lone Rider Bodyguard *–Harlequin Intrigue #754

Anderson, Gabriella–Yours Always–Zebra

Atherton, Nancy–Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday *–Penguin (reprint-ghost)

Barker, Becky–Undercover Virgin *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1278

Barton, Beverly–Downright Dangerous *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1273

Bradley, Celeste–The Spy –St. Martin’s

Bruhns, Nina–Sweet Suspicion *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1277

Champion, David–Easy Come, Easy Go *–Allen A. Knoll Publishers (HC)

Childs, Lisa–Bridal Reconnaissance *–Harlequin Intrigue #758

Conant, Susan–Bride and Groom *–Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Coulter, Catherine–The Edge *–Jove (reprint)

Cresswell, Jasmine–Decoy *–Mira

Dunn, Sharon–Sassy Cinderella and the Valiant Vigilante *–Kregal (Trade PB) (inspirational)

Feehan, Christine–Wild Rain *–Jove (paranormal)

Ferrarella, Marie–Dangerous Games *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1274

Freethy, Barbara–Golden Lies *–Signet

Garner, Tracee Lydia–The One Who Holds My Heart *–BET Books

Herron, Rita–Undercover Avenger *–Harlequin Intrigue #755

Hill, Bonnie Hearn–Killer Body *–Mira (HC)

Jenkins, Beverly–The Edge of Midnight *–HarperTorch

Jewel, Carolyn–The Spare –Leisure

Johnston, Linda O.–Guardian of Her Heart *–Harlequin Intrigue #757

Kimberly, Alice–The Ghost and Mrs. McClure *–Berkley Prime Crime (ghost)

King-Gamble, Marcia–Come Back to Me *–BET Books

Lennox, Kara–Bounty Hunter Ransom *–Harlequin Intrigue #756

McDaniel, Sylvia–Starlight Surrender *–Zebra

McKay, Sue–Shaken and Stirred *–Zebra

Mills, Jenna–Crossfire *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1275

Novak, Brenda–Cold Feet *–Harlequin

Price, Maggie–The Cradle Will Fall *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1276

Robb, J.D.–Witness in Death –Berkley (reprint) (futuristic)

Rose, Karen–Have You Seen Her? *–Warner Forever

Santella, Nora–Guess Again *–www.hardshell.com

Scheel, C.L.–Voice of the Lion *–www.awe-struck.net (e-book)

St. Claire, Roxanne–French Twist *–Pocket

Thornton, Elizabeth–Shady Lady –Bantam

Tyrrel, Diane–On the Edge of the Woods *–Berkley Sensation (contemporary gothic)

Warren, Nancy–Drive Me Crazy *–Brava (Trade PB)

Way, Margaret–Home to Eden *–Harlequin Superromance #1183

Wayne, Joanna–As Darkness Fell *–Harlequin Intrigue #753

Webb, Debra–Striking Distance *–Harlequin

Whitefeather, Sheri–Cherokee Stranger *–Silhouette Desire #1563

January 2004

Anthology–Beyond Suspicion *–Harlequin (new and reprint)
Suzanne Forster, Julie Kenner

Anthology–Date With the Devil *–Harlequin
Cherry Adair, Muriel Jensen, Anne Stuart

Anthology–The Private Eye *–Harlequin (new and reprint)
Jayne Ann Krentz, Julie Miller, Dani Sinclair

Anthology–Private Scandals *–Harlequin
Tori Carrington, Judy Christenberry, Joanne Wayne

Anthology–Reading Between the Lines *–Harlequin
Leslie Kelly, Vicki Lewis Thompson

Atherton, Nancy–Aunt Dimity: Snowbound *–Viking (HC)

Barton, Beverly–The Last to Die *–Zebra

Blake, Kasi–Borrowed Identity *–Harlequin Intrigue #752

Diamond, Jacqueline–Sheik Surrender *–Harlequin Intrigue #749

Drake, Shannon–When We Touch –Zebra

Farmer, Jerrilyn–Mumbo Gumbo *–Avon (reprint)

Grant, Tracy–Beneath a Silent Moon–Harper Torch (reprint)

Grayson, Kristine–Absolutely Captivated *–Zebra

Harbaugh, Karen–Dark Enchantment –Bantam (paranormal)

Healey, Judith Koll–The Canterbury Papers –Morrow (HC) (historical mystery)

Heggan, Christiane–Scent of a Killer *–Mira

Heitzman, Kristen–Halos *–Bethany (Trade PB) (inspirational)

Hilz, Tammy–Shadow of the Sun–Zebra

Hunter, Gwen–Grave Concerns *–Mira

Irvin, Candace–Irresistible Forces *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1270

James, Melissa–Can You Forget ? *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1272

Johnson, Susan–Pure Silk–Brava (Trade PB)

Jones, Katherine D.–Love Worth Fighting For *–BET Books

Kelley, Lee Charles–Murder Unleashed *–Avon

Lee, Rachel–Something Deadly *–Mira

Lovelace, Merline–Full Throttle *–Silhouette Desire #1556

McCoy, Shirlee–Still Waters *–Steeple Hill (Trade PB) (inspirational)

Meyer, Joanne–Heavenly Detour *–Kensington (reprint)

Miller, Julie–Unsanctioned Memories *–Harlequin Intrigue #748

Montoya, Tracy–Maximum Security *–Harlequin Intrigue #750

Nichols, Lauren–Run to Me *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1271

Peterson, Susan–Concealed Weapon *–Harlequin Intrigue #751

Porter, Cheryl Anne–To Make a Marriage –St. Martin’s

Potter, Patricia–Cold Target *–Berkley Sensation

Price, Maggie–Hidden Agenda *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1269

Robb, J.D.–Divided in Death *–Putnam (HC-futuristic)

Roberts, Nora–Key of Valor *–Jove (reprint-paranormal, third in trilogy)

Smith, Taylor–Liar’s Market *–Mira (HC)

Thompson, Carlene–If She Should Die *–St. Martin’s

Webb, Debra–Cries in the Night *–Harlequin Intrigue #747

Welsh, Louise–The Cutting Room *–Canongate Books (HC)

Winters, Angela–High Stakes *–BET Books