April-June 2005

Recommended Reads

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* = Contemporary Setting
HC = Hardcover

June 2005

Anthology–Smokescreen*–Silhouette Signature Select
Doranna Durgin, Meredith Fletcher, Vicki Hinze

Alexander, Hannah–Last Resort * (Hideaway)–Steeple Hill (trade pb) (inspirational)

Anderson, Jessica–The Sheriff’s Daughter *–Harlequin Intrigue #850

Bach, Lauren–Project Eve *–Zebra

Baxter, Cynthia–Lead a Horse to Murder *–Bantam (series)

Bayer, William–Peregrine *–Forge (reprint)

Byrd, Adrianne–Deadly Double *–HarperTorch

Caine, Leslie–False Premises *–Dell (series)

Caldwell, Laura–Look Closely *–Mira

Carrington, Tori–Sofie Metropolis *–Forge (HC)

Clark, Mary Jane–Hide Yourself Away *– St. Martin’s

Conant, Susan–Scratch the Surface *– Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Cowan, Debra–Melting Point *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1370

Curnyn, Lynda–Killer Summer *–Red Dress Ink (trade pb) (chick lit mystery)

Daniels, B.J.–High Caliber Cowboy *–Harlequin Intrigue #851

Daniels, J.–Serpent in My Corner *–Bet Books (reprint)

Davis, Dee–Enigma * (Last Chance)–HQN

Dees, Marie–Tea and Witchery *–Hard Shell (paranormal) (first in a series)

Diamond, Jacqueline–The Trigger *–Harlequin Code Red

Douglas, Charlotte–Mystique * (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #852 (gothic)

Duncan, Diana–Truth or Consequences *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1373

Dunn, Sharon–Cow Crimes and the Mustang Menace *–Kregel (trade pb) (inspirational)

Duquette, Anne Marie–Pregnant Protector *–Harlequin Superromance #1283

Dugin, Doranna–Checkmate *–Silhouette Bombshell #46

Evanovich, Janet–Eleven on Top *– St. Martin’s (HC)

Feehan, Christine–Oceans of Fire *–Jove (paranormal)

Ferris, Monica–Embroidered Truths *–Berkley Prime Crime (HC) (series)

Foley, Gaelen–One Night of Sin–Ivy (Regency era)

French, Judith E.–At Risk *–Leisure

Gansky, Alton–Before Another Dies *–Zondervan (trade pb) (inspirational)

Glass, Leslie–A Clean Kill *–Onyx

Harper, Karen–Dark Angel *–Mira

Heath, Sandra–The Whispering Rocks–Signet (Regency) (rewrite of Mannerby’s Lady)

Hinze, Vicki–Double Vision *–Silhouette Bombshell #45

Howard, Linda–Killing Time *–Ballantine (HC)

Kandel, Susan–Not a Girl Detective *–William Morrow (HC)

Kearney, Susan–Uncontrollable *–Harlequin Blaze #185 (paranormal)

Kenner, Julie–The Givenchy Code *–Downtown Press (trade pb) (chick lit mystery)

Kent, Alison–Larger Than Life *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

King, Laurie R.–Locked Rooms–Bantam (HC) (historical mystery series)

Lane, Vicki–Signs in the Blood *–Dell

Laurie, Victoria–Better Read Than Dead *–Signet

Lennox, Kara–Bounty Hunter Honor *–Harlequin Intrigue #853

Leto, Julie–Dirty Little Secrets *–Downtown Press (trade pb) (chick lit mystery)

Levine, Laura–Shoes to Die For *–Kensington (HC)

Lovelace, Merline–The Last Bullet *–Mira (last in trilogy)

Lowell, Elizabeth–The Color of Death *– Avon

Melton, Marliss–In the Dark *–Warner Forever

Monet, Rae–Gabe’s Prize *–Liquid Silver Books (E-book)

Nichols, Lauren–Deadly Reunion *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1374

Nicholson, Peggy–An Angel in Stone *–Silhouette Bombshell #48

Paretsky, Sara–Fire Sale *–Putnam (HC)

Pineiro, Caridad–Danger Calls *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1371 (vampire)

Potter, Patricia–Tangle of Lies *– Berkley Sensation

Price, Maggie–Trigger Effect *–Silhouette Bombshell #47

Quick, Amanda–Lie by Moonlight–Putnam (HC)

Reichs, Kathy–Cross Bones *–Scribner (HC)

Robards, Karen–Bait *–Signet

Roberts, Nora–Black Rose *–Jove (second in Garden series)

Russe, Savannah–Beyond the Pale *–Signet Eclipse (vampire)

Sawyer, Cheryl–The Chase–Signet Eclipse (Regency era)

Scheel, Christine–The Captain’s Castaway–Signet (Regency)

Scottoline, Lisa–Devil’s Corner *–HarperCollins (HC)

Shattuck, Shari–Lethal *–Downtown Press (trade pb) (chick lit mystery)

Sinclair, Dani–D.B. Hayes, Detective *–Harlequin Intrigue #854

Smith, Julie–P.I. on a Hot Tin Roof *–Forge

Spencer-Fleming, Julia–To Darkness and to Death *–Thomas Dunne (HC)

Spindler, Erica–Killer Takes All *–Mira (HC)

Spindler, Erica–See Jane Die *–Mira

Staub, Wendy Corsi–Lullaby and Goodnight *–Pinnacle

Summers, Cara–The Dare *–Harlequin Blaze #188

Thompson, Victoria–Murder on Lennox Hill–Berkley Prime Crime (HC) (historical mystery series)

Wayne, Joanna–The Gentleman’s Club *–Harlequin Signature Select

Weaver, Angela–Blind Obsession *–Bet Books

Weaver, Ingrid–Loving the Lone Wolf *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1369

Webb, Debra–Man of Her Dreams * (The Enforcers)–Harlequin Intrigue #849

Winstead, Linda–One Major Distraction *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1372

Winters, Rebecca–The Daughter’s Return *–Harlequin Superromance #1282

Young, Karen–Never Tell*–Mira

May 2005

Anthology–Death Dines In *– Berkley
Anne Perry, Carole Nelson Douglas, Lyn Hamilton, Claudia Bishop, and others

Armstrong, Lori G.–Blood Ties *–Medallion Press

Bowers, Celya–Keeping You Close *–Bet Books

Brandt, Kathy–Dangerous Depths *–Signet

Brockway, Connie–My Surrender–Pocket

Carr, Robyn–Runaway Mistress *–Mira

Coben, Harlan–The Innocent *–Dutton (HC)

Conant, Susan–Animal Appetite *– Berkley

Chapman, Janet–The Dangerous Protector *–Pocket Star

Creighton, Kathleen–Secret Agent Sam *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1363

Cresswell, Jasmine–Final Justice *–Mira (reprint)

Daniels, B.J.–Ambushed * (McCalls’ Montana)–Harlequin Intrigue #845

Dees, Cindy–Target *–Silhouette Bombshell #42

Delacorte, Shawna–The Sedgwick Curse * (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #846 (gothic)

Dodd, Christina–Some Enchanted Evening *– Avon

Donnelly, Deborah–Death Takes a Honeymoon *–Dell (series)

Douglas, Carole Nelson–Cat in an Orange Twist *–Forge (series)

Fowler, Earline–Broken Dishes *– Berkley

Fowler, Earline– Delectable Mountains *– Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Frasier, Anne–Before I Wake *–Onyx

Galen, Shana–When Dashing Met Danger–Avon

Garvey, Amy–Murder in the Hamptons *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

Gerard, Cindy–To the Edge * (Bodyguard)– St. Martin’s (first in a series)

Germano, Mary–Blood Witness *–Leisure

Girard, Dara–Carefree *–Bet Books

Grayson, Emily–Night Train to Lisbon– Avon (World War ll era)

Greiman, Lois–Unzipped *–Dell

Hambly, Barbara–Dead Water–Bantam (reprint)

Hamilton, Denise– Savage Garden *–Scribner (HC)

Haus, Illona–Blue Mercy *–Pocket Star

Henry, Angela–The Company You Keep *–BET Books (trade pb)

Herron, Rita–A Breath Away *–Harlequin

Hoffman, Jilliane–Last Witness *–Putnam (HC)

Howard, Linda–Kiss Me While I Sleep *–Ballantine

Jackson, Lisa–Strangers *–Harlequin (reprint of Jackson titles Mystery Man and Obsession)

Johansen, Iris–Countdown *–Bantam (HC)

Johnson, Susan–Hot Legs *– Berkley

Joss, Morag–Fearful Symmetry *–Dell

Kane, Isabelle–Calypso’s Secrets *–Whiskey Creek Press

Kearney, Susan–On the Edge *–Harlequin

Kelley, Karen–Southern Comfort *–Kensington (reprint)

Knight, Angela–Master of the Moon *– Berkley (vampire/werewolf)

Krinard, Susan–To Tame a Wolf *–Harlequin (werewolf)

Lavene, Joyce & Jim–Pretty Poison *– Berkley

Lawrence, Ann–Do You Believe? *–Tor

Levine, Laura–Killer Blonde *–Kensington

Long, Kathleen–Silent Warning *–Harlequin Intrigue #847

Lovelace, Merline–The Middle Sin *–Mira (second in series)

Manuel, Lisa–Mostly a Lady–Zebra

Matturro, Claire–Skinny-Dipping *–Harper Torch

McCabe, Amanda–Lady Midnight–Signet

McKenna, Lindsay–Enemy Mine *–HQN

Miller, Micqui–Sweet Caroline *–Hard Shell

Montana, Lynn–Running on Empty *– Avon

Morgan, Hunter–What She Can’t See *–Zebra

Myers, Tamar–Monet Talks *– Avon (series)

Mynheir, Mark–Rolling Thunder *–Multnomah (inspirational)

Page, Katherine Hall–The Body in the Attic *– Avon (series) (reprint)

Palmer, Linda–Love Her to Death *– Berkley

Pepper, Kate–Seven Minutes to Noon *–Signet

Peters, Elizabeth–The Seventh Sinner *– Avon (reprint)

Richer, Lois–Shadowed Secrets *–Tyndale House (trade pb) (inspirational)

Robins, Madeleine E.–Point of Honor–Tor (Regency mystery series)

Rodgers, M.J.–Code Red: Critical Affair *–Harlequin

Ross, Robert–Never Look Back *–Pinnacle

Scalera, Darlene–Straight Silver * (Lipstick Ltd.)–Harlequin Intrigue #848

Spencer, Fleming–Out of the Deep I Cry *– St. Martin’s

Stevens, Amanda–Matters of Seduction * (Matchmakers Underground)–Harlequin Intrigue #844

Stillings, Marianne–Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie *– Avon

Stuart, Anne–Black Ice *–Mira

Toll, Emily–Keys to Death *– Berkley

Viets, Elaine–Just Murdered *–Signet

Wall, Kathryn R.– Judas Island *– St. Martin’s

Wall, Kathryn R.– Resurrection Road *– St. Martin’s Minotaur (HC)

Webb, Debra–Executive Bodyguard * (The Enforcers)–Harlequin Intrigue #843

Webber, Heather–Trouble in Spades *– Avon

Wells, Melanie–When the Day of Evil Comes *–Multnomah (inspirational)

Whiddon, Karen–One Eye Closed *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1365

White, Linda J.–Bloody Point *–River Oak (inspirational)

Wilde, Lori– Mission: Irresistible *–Warner

Wisdom, Linda Randall–After the Midnight Hour *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1367

April 2005

Anthology–The Abyss: Dark Romance Anthology–Dark Romance (paranormal)
Allie Bates, Editor

Anthology–Desert Sons *–Harlequin Intrigue #838
Ann Voss Peterson, Patricia Rosemoor, Rebecca York

Angell, Kate–Crazy For You *–Love Spell (paranormal)

Apodaca, Jennifer–Ninja Soccer Moms *–Kensington (reprint)

Argula, Anne–Homicide, My Own *–Pleasure Boat Studio (trade pb)

Barrett, Jean–Paternity Unknown *–Harlequin Intrigue #842

Bissell, Sallie–Legacy of Masks *–Bantam (HC)

Broadrick, Annette–Double Identity *–Silhouette Desire #1646

Brown, Don–Treason *–Zondervan (inspirational)

Bruhns, Nina–Blue Jeans and a Badge *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1361

Butler, Rachel–The Assassin *–Dell

Callen, Gayle–A Woman’s Innocence –Avon

Carrington, Tori–A Real McCoy *–Harlequin Signature Select

Clark, Mary Higgins– No Place Like Home *–Simon & Schuster (HC)

Collum, Lynn–The Captain–Zebra (Regency)

Czuchlewski, David–Empire of Light *-Penguin (trade pb reprint)

Daheim, Mary–The Alpine Quilt *–Ballantine (HC)

Daniels, B.J.–Crossfire *–Harlequin Code Red

Dodd, Christina–Close to You *–Pocket Star

Drake, Shannon–Wicked–HQN (gothic)

Duncan, Diana–Midnight Hero * (Forever in a Day)–Silhouette Int. Moments #1359

Evanovich, Janet & Hughes, Charlotte–Full Bloom *– St. Martin’s

Feagan, Stephanie–Show Her the Money *–Silhouette Bombshell #40

Fitzpatrick, Flo–Hot Stuff *–Zebra

Gardner, Darlene–To the Max *–Harlequin Temptation #1019

Graham, Darlene–An Accidental Family *–Harlequin Superromance #1270

Grasso, Patricia–Seducing the Prince–Zebra

Gray, Ginna–Fatal Flaw *–Mira

Greenland, Shannon–Laura’s Secret *–Echelon Press

Hailstock, Shirley–You Made Me Love You *–Dafina (multicultural)

Hamilton, Lyn–The Moai Murders *–Berkley Prime Crime (HC) (mystery series)

Henry, Sue–Murder at Five Finger Light *–NAL (HC)

Hill, Bonnie Hearn–Double Exposure *–Mira

Hirahara, Naomi–Gasa-Gasa Girl *–Delta (second in series)

Hodge, Colby–Stargazer–Love Spell (futuristic paranormal)

Hunt, Alexa–Corrupts Absolutely *–Forge (HC)

Jackson, Brenda–Unfinished Business *– St. Martin’s (multicultural)

Jefferson, Roland S.–Damaged Goods *–Atria Books (HC)

Joyce, Lydia–The Veil of Night–Signet Eclipse

Karr, Leona–Shadows on the Lake * (Eclipse)–Harlequin Intrigue #840 (gothic)

Labud, Pamela–Spirited Away–Zebra (ghost)

LaForge, Emily–Shadow Haven *–Pocket (paranormal)

Leigh, Ana–Reconcilable Differences *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1358

  • Lovelace, Merline–The First Mistake *–Mira (first in a series)Maclean, Anna–Louisa and the Country Bachelor–Signet (second in Louisa May Alcott mystery series)

    Martin, Kat–Deep Blue *–Zebra

    Martin, Rosemary–It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder–Signet (series set in 1964)

    McCall, Dinah–Bloodlines *–Mira

    McClellan, Sharron–The Midas Trap *–Silhouette Bombshell #39

    McKenna, Lindsay–Wild Woman *–Silhouette Bombshell #37

    McKenna, Shannon–Out of Control *–Kensington Brava (trade pb)

    McMinn, Suzanne–Cole Dempsey’s Back in Town *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1360

    Miller, Julie–Police Business *–Harlequin Intrigue #841

    Mostert, Natasha–Windwalker *–Tor Paranormal Romance

    Nance, Kathleen–Jigsaw *–Leisure

    Norfleet, Celeste O.–Only You *–Bet Books

    O’Brien, Kathleen–The Stranger *–Harlequin Superromance #1266

    Pearson, Ridley–Cut and Run *–Hyperion (HC)

    Perry, Michelle–Cain & Abel *–Medallion Press

    Peters, Elizabeth–The Serpent on the Crown *–William Morrow (HC) (historical mystery series)

    Ridgell, T.A.–Operation: Stiletto *–Echelon Press

    Roberts, Kelsey–Chasing Secrets * (Landry Brothers)–Harlequin Intrigue #839

    Sizemore, Susan–I Hunger For You *–Pocket Star (vampire)

    Stenzel, Natalie–Seeking Miss Scarlet *–Harlequin Flipside #38

    Strohmeyer, Sarah–Bubbles Betrothed *–Dutton (HC)

    Tracy, P.J.–Dead Run *–Putnam (HC)

    Tyrell, Diane–On Winding Hill Road *–Berkley (gothic)

    Viehl, Lynn–If Angels Burn *–Signet Eclipse (vampire)

    Webb, Debra–John Doe on Her Doorstep * (The Enforcers)–Harlequin Intrigue #837

    Wilson, Derek–The Nature of Rare Things *–Carroll & Graf (HC)

    Wilson, Gayle–Wednesday’s Child *–HQN

    Wind, Ruth–Countdown *–Silhouette Bombshell #38