Apr.-Dec. 1999

Recommended Reads

The links below provide more information about each book, and often include a synopsis, reviews, and picture of the book’s cover.

* = Contemporary Setting
HC = Hardcover

December 1999

Adler, Elizabeth–All or Nothing *–Delacorte (HC)

Ankrum, Barbara–I’ll Remember You *–Silhouette Int. Moments #972

Asaro, Catherine–The Veiled Web–Bantam (futuristic)

Auerbach, Nina–Daphne du Maurier, Haunted Heiress–U. of PA Press (biography)

Bird, Beverly–It Had To Be You *–Silhouette Int. Moments #970

Bowden, Susan–Forget Me Not *–Signet

Breton, Laurie–Black Widow *–Neighborhood Press

Burnes, Caroline–Familiar Christmas *–Harlequin Intrigue $542

Erickson, Lynn–Searching for Sarah *–Jove

Henry, April–Circles of Confusion *–Harper (reprint)

Hinze, Vicki–Acts of Honor *–St. Martin’s

Ryan, Jenna–The Stroke of Midnight *–Harlequin Intrigue #543

Sawyer, Meryl–Thunder Island *–Zebra

Skye, Christina–2000 Kisses *–Island Books

Stanhope, Nicqui–Distant Memories *–BET Books

Thurlo, Aimee–Christmas Wiitness *–Harlequin Intrigue #544

Wilson, Gayle–Each Precious Hour *–Harlequin Intrigue #541

November 1999

Albert, Susan Wittig–Chile Death *–Berkley (reprint)

Bingham, Lisa–When Night Draws Near *–Harlequin Intrigue #540

Bishop, Carly–No Baby But Mine *–Harlequin Intrigue #538

Canham, Marsha–Swept Away–Dell

Deveraux, Jude–High Tide *–Pocket (HC)

Garwood, Julie–Ransom *–Pocket (reprint)

Haines, Carolyn–Them Bones *–Bantam (ghost)

Hayden, L. C.–When Collette Died *–Top Publications

Jackson, Lisa–Twice Kissed *–Zebra (reprint)

Jackson, Lisa–Unspoken *–Zebra

Kanon, Joseph–The Prodigal Spy *–Dell Island (reprint)

Kaye, M.M.–Death in Kenya–St. Martin’s (reprint)

Kaye, M.M.–Death in Zanzibar–St. Martin’s (reprint)

McBride, Mary–Just One Look *–Silhouette Int. Moments #966

McCall, Dinah–Touchstone *–Harper

Meldal-Johnson, Trevor–Always–Bamboo Grove Publishers (reprint)

Neggers, Carla–On Fire *–Mira

Nicholson, Peggy–Her Bodyguard *–Harlequin Superromance #874

Racina, Thom–Secret Weekend *–Onyx

Riley, Judith Merkle–The Master of All Desires–Viking (HC)

Sinclair, Dani–For His Daughter *–Harlequin Intrigue #539

Thornton, Elizabeth–Strangers at Dawn *–Bantam

Wayne, Joanna–Memories at Midnight *–Harlequin Intrigue #537

Yorke, Christy–Magic Spells *–Bantam (paranormal)

October 1999

Anthology–Charmed–St. Martin’s
Jayne Castle, Julie Beard, Lori Foster, Eileen Wilks

Albert, Susan Wittig–Lavender Lies *–Berkley (HC)

Baker, Laura–Broken in Two *–St. Martin’s Press

Brant, Kylie–Falling Hard and Fast *–Silhouette Int. Moments #959

Cameron, Stella–Key West *–Kensington (HC)

Cooper, Linda Sue–Unguarded Hearts *–Zebra Bouquet #18

Coulter, Catherine–The Countess–Signet (gothic)

Daniels, B.J.–Stolen Moments *–Harlequin Intrigue #533

Domning, Denise–The Lady in White –Signet (gothic)

Donley, Dorothea–A Lady Decides –Zebra Regency (mystery)

Douglas, Charlotte–Undercover Dad *–Harlequin Intrigue #536

Drake, Shannon–Beneath a Blood Red Moon–Zebra (vampire)

Evanick, Marcia–Somewhere in the Night *–Zebra Bouquet #17

Farraday, Tess–Blue Rain *–Jove (ghost)

Ferrarella, Marie–A Hero in the Nick of Time *–Silhouette Int. Moments *956

Gabriel, Marius–House of Many Rooms *–Bantam (reprint)

Giusto, Layle–Secret Passion *–BET Books

Grace, Susan–Golden Fire–Zebra

Harrison, Shirley–Under a Blue Moon *–BET Books

Jackson, Lisa–Treasures *–Zebra (reprint)

Jackson, Lisa–Whispers *–Zebra (reprint)

Janssen, Christine–Stand On Your Own *–Starlight Writer Publications (online)

Johnson, Dolores–Wash, Fold, and Die *–Dell

Johnson, Janice Kay–A Message for Abby *–Harlequin Superromance #866

Kellogg, Marne Davis–Nothing But Gossip *–Bantam (reprint)

Kirkwood, Kathleen–The Shades of the Past –Signet (gothic)

Lynn, Raina–Haunting Hope *–Jove (ghost)

Malek, Doreen Owens–An Officer and a Gentlewoman *–Silhouette Int. Moments #958

McKinney, Meagan–In the Dark *–Zebra (reprint)

Meredith, Marilyn–Kachima Spirit *–Hard Shell Word Factory (trade PB or e-book)

O’Brien, Judith–The Forever Bride *–Pocket (ghost)

Pade, Victoria–Dating Can Be Deadly *–Dell

Pence, Joanne–A Cook in Time *–Harper

Ray, Francis–Incognito *–BET Books (reprint)

Robards, Karen–The Midnight Hour *–Dell (reprint)

Robb, J. D.–Loyalty in Death *–Berkley (futuristic)

Roberts, Kelsey–His Only Son *–Harlequin Intrigue #535

Roberts, Nora–The Reef *–Jove (reprint)

Sala, Sharon–Remember Me *–Mira

Skye, Christina–The Perfect Gift *–Avon (ghost)

Songer, C.J.–Bait *–HarperCollins (reprint)

Thayne, RaeAnne–The Wrangler and the Runaway Mom *–Silhouette Int. Moments #960

Toombs, Jane–Vigil House–Starlight Writer Pubs. (gothic-online)

Tyner, Marilyn–False Impressions *–BET Books

Veryan, Patricia–The Riddle of the Reluctant Rake–St. Martin’s (Regency HC mystery)

Wilson, Rachel–Spirit of Love–Jove (ghost)

Wolf, Joan–Golden Girl–Warner

York, Rebecca–Midnight Caller *–Harlequin Intrigue #534

September 1999

Abresch, Peter–Bloody Bonsai *–Worldwide (reprint)

Billings, Andrew —Carnage *–Jove

Brown, Sandra–The Alibi *–Warner (HC)

Brown, Sandra–Unspeakable *–Warner (reprint)

Carlysle, Viveca —Return to Love *–Bet Books

Carmichael, Emily —A Ghost for Maggie *–Bantam

Castle, Linda Lea–Gideon’s Angel –Kensington Precious Gem

Coulter, Catherine–The Target *–Putnam (reprint)

Day Dianne–Death Train to Boston–Doubleday (HC)

Heggan, Christiane —Trust No One *–Mira

Hoag, Tami–Still Waters *, Bantam (reprint)

Hooper, Kay–Haunting Rachel *–Bantam (reprint)

Jackson, Lisa —Wishes *–Zebra

Johansen, Iris–The Killing Game *–Bantam (HC)

Joyce, Brenda–The Third Heiress *–St. Martin’s

Kane, Andrea–The Silver Coin–Sonnet Books

LaFoy, Leslie–Daring the Devil–Bantam

Lawrence, Margaret–The Burning Bride–Avon Twilight (reprint)

Lind, Judi–To Save His Baby *–Harlequin Intrigue #531

Lowell, Elizabeth–Remember Summer *–Avon

MacDougal, Bonnie–Out of Order *–Ballantine (HC)

Meredith, Marilyn–Deadly Omen *–Golden Eagle Press

Miles, Cassie–The Safe Hostage *–Harlequin Intrigue #529

Noble, Diane–Distant Bells *–Multnomah (inspriatioal)

Parr, Delia —Sunrise–St. Martin’s Press

Power, JoAnn–Allure–Sonnet Books (gothic)

Pykare, Nina Coombs–Death Comes for Desdemona–Five Star Publishing (Regency HC)

Rice, Patricia —Volcano *–Fawcett Gold Medal

Rosemoor, Patricia–Cowboy Justice *–Harlquin Intrigue #530

Sandler, Karen–Night Whispers *–Jove

Shayne, Maggie–Wings in the Night (trilogy)–Silhouette (reprint)

Staub, Wendy Corsi —All The Way Home *– Kensington (HC)

Stewardson, Dawn–Falling for the Enemy *–Harlequin Superromance #861

Summers, Rachel —The Scent of Roses –Zebra

Vasilos, Tina–In Her Lover’s Eyes *–Harlequin Intrigue #532

Walker, Margie —Remember Me *–Bet Books

August 1999

Ashford, Jane–Bride To Be–Bantam

Barrett, Jean–My Lover’s Secret *–Harlequin Intrigue #528

Basso, Adrienne–His Wicked Embrace–Zebra (gothic)

Baxter, Mary Lynn–One Summer Evening *–Mira

Clark, Mary Jane–Do You Promise Not to Tell? *–St. Martin’s

Corsi Staub, Wendy–Fade to Black *–Pinnacle (reprint)

Coulter, Catherine–The Edge *–Putnam

Dalton, Margot–The Fourth Horseman *–Mira

Deverell, Diana–12 Drummers Drumming *–Avon (reprint)

Ferrarella, Marie–A Forever Kind of Hero *–Silhoutte Int. Moments #943

Howard, Linda —All the Queen’s Men *–Pocket (HC)

Kane, Andrea–The Gold Coin *–Sonnet Books

Kurtz, Sylvie–One Texas Night *–Harlequin Intrigue #527

Martin, Kat–The Silent Rose *–Zebra (gothic)

Moon, Modean–Lost and Found Bride *–Silhouette Desire #1235

Plunkett, Susan–Timepool *–Jove (time travel)

Price, Maggie–Most Wanted *–Silhouette Int. Moments #948

Van Wormer, Laura–Expose *–Mira

Werner, Patricia–His to Protect *–Harlequin Intrigue #526

Willman, Marianne–The Enchanted Mirror–St. Martin’s Press

York, Rebecca and Caroline Burnes–After Dark *–Harlequin Intrigue #525

July 1999

Barton, Beverly–Keeping Annie Safe *–Silhouette Int. Moments #937

Chittenden, Margaret–Don’t Forget to Die *–Kensington Partners in Crime

Crowe, Evelyn A.–Safe Haven *–Harlequin Superromance #850

Fairchild, Sally–Ports of Call *–Mira

Gardner, Lisa–The Other Daughter *–Bantam

Graham, Heather–Tall, Dark, and Deadly *–Onyx

Hayes, Sally Tyler–Spies, Lies and Lovers *–Silhouette Int. Moments #940

Henderson, Dee–Danger in the Shadows *–Multnomah (inspirational)

Herron, Rita–Her Eyewitness *–Harlequin Intrigue #523

Jaffe, Michele–The Stargazer–Pocket (HC)

James, B.J.–Agent of the Black Watch *–Silhouette

Jones, Jill–The Island *–St. Martin’s Press

Klavan, Andrew–Hunting Down Amanda *–Morrow (HC)

Lee, Adrianne–The Bride’s Secret *–Harlequin Intrigue #524 (gothic)

Lee, Rachel–Before I Sleep *–Warner

Lovelace, Merline–A Man of His Word *–Silhouette Int. Moments #938

Lynne, Victoria–With This Kiss–Dell

McNaught, Judith–Night Whispers *–Pocket (reprint)

Miles, Cassie–Father, Lover, Bodyguard *–Harlequin Intrigue #521

Rinehart, Mary Roberts–A Light in the Window–Kensington (trade pb reprint)

Roberts, Kelsey–Wanted: Cowboy *–Harlequin Intrigue #522

Roberts, Nora–Carnal Innocence *–Bantam (HC reprint)

Sullivan, Mark T.–Ghost Dance *–Avon (HC)

Van Worner, Laura–Talk *–Mira (reprint)

Weir, Theresa–Bad Karma *–Harper

Wilcox, Valrie–Sins of Betrayal *–Berkley

June 1999

Anderson, N.C.–Fixation *–Starlight Writer (Online)

Andrew, Carolyn s–While He Was Sleeping *–Harlequin Temptation #735

Bennett, Janice–The Candlelight Wish–Zebra Regency

Bevarly, Elizabeth–Her Man Friday *–Avon

Cameron, Stella–French Quarter *–Zebra (reprint)

Camp, Candace–Swept Away–Mira

Cecilone, Michael–Muse *–Kensington (HC gothic)

Chappell, Helen–Giving Up the Ghost *–Dell

Dare, Justine–Dangerous Games *–Signet

Day, Dianne–Emperor Norton’s Ghost–Bantam (reprint)

Delacorte, Shawna–Secret Lover *–Harlequin Intrigue #520

Evanovich, Janet–Four to Score *–St. Martin’s (reprint)

Evanovich, Janet–High Five *–St. Martin’s Press (HC)

Gamble, Marcia King—Under Your Spell *–BET Books

Graham, Heather–Tempestuous Eden *–Zebra

Harbaugh, Karen–Miss Carlyle’s Curricle–Signet Regency (mystery)

Harrington, Jonathan–The Second Sorrowful Mystery *–Write Way

Jackson, Brenda–Fire and Desire *–BET Books

Jackson, Monica–A Magical Moment *–BET/Arabesque

Johansen, Iris–The Face of Deception *–Bantam (reprint)

Johnson, Doris–Heart of Stone *–BET Books

Kaiser, R. J.–Jane Doe *–Mira

Leigh, Juliette–The Fifth Proposal–Zebra Regency (gothic)

Long, James–Ferney *–Bantam (HC reprint)

Lovelace, Merline–River Rising *–Onyx

Lowell, Elizabeth–Pearl Cove *–Avon (HC)

Lynn, Sheryl–Undercover FiancĂ© *–Harlequin Intrigue #518

McBride, Julie–The Strong, Silent Type *–Harlequin Intrigue #519

McCarver, Sam–The Case of Cabin 13–Signet

Mignerey, Sharon–His Tender Touch *–Silhouette Int. Moments #935

Mortman, Doris–Out of Nowhere *–Zebra (reprint)

O’Brien, Meg–Crashing Down *–Mira

Peters, Elizabeth–The Falcon at the Portal–Avon Twilight (HC)

Simms, Suzanne–The Willful Wife *–Silhouette Desire #1224

Stewart, Mariah–Priceless *–Pocket

Stone, Katherine–Home at Last *–Warner

Turner, Linda–The Lady’s Man *–Silhouette Int. Moments #931

Wainscott, Tina–In a Heartbeat *–St. Martin’s Press

Ware, Ciji–Midnight on Julia Street *–Ballantine

Werner, Patricia–Sweet Tempest *–Zebra Bouquet #2

Wilson, Gayle–Her Baby, His Secret *–Harlequin Intrigue #517

Wilson, Rachel–Bittersweet Summer–Jove (gothic)

Winters, Angela–Sudden Love *–BET/Arabesque

May 1999

Allison, Margaret–The Last Curve *–Pocket

Anderson, Linda–The Secrets of Sadie Maynard *–Pocket Star

Blayne, Sara–Enticed–Zebra

Buck, Gayle–The Chester Charade–Signet Regency Mystery

Burke, Jan–Liar *–Harper

Carroll, Susan–The Night Drifter *–Ballantine (HC)

Douglas, Charlotte–A Woman of Mystery–Harlequin Intrigue #515

Garlock, Dorothy–With Song–Warner

Heath, Sandra–Marigold’s Marriages–Signet Regency

Holm, Stef Ann–Hooked *–Pocket/Sonnet

Howard, Linda–Now You See Her *–Pocket (reprint)

Jernigan, Brenda K.–The Duke’s Lady–Zebra

Kleypas, Lisa–Someone to Watch Over Me –Avon

Krentz, Jayne Ann–Eye of the Beholder *–Pocket (HC)

Lynn, Sheryll–The Bodyguard *–Harlequin Intrigue #514

Macomber, Debbie–Moon Over Water *–Mira

Myers, Helen R.–More Than You Know *–Mira

Owen, Ruth–Gambler’s Daughter–Bantam

Peters, Elizabeth–The Ape Who Guards the Balance–Avon Twilight (reprint)

Roberts, Nora–Genuine Lies *–Bantam (reprint)

Roberts, Nora–Homeport *–Putnam (reprint)

Robinson, Suzanne–The Treasure–Bantam

Sullivan, Joyce–To Laney, With Love *–Harlequin Intrigue #516

Wolf, Joan–No Dark Place–Harper Collins (HC)

April 1999

Anderson, Bridget–Lost To Love *–BET/Arabesque

Brand, Irene–Feud at Craigievar Castle–Mountain View Publishing (online gothic)

Clayton, Alana–The Headstrong Heart–Zebra Regency

Cresswell, Jasmine–The Disappearance* –Mira

Diamond, Jacqueline–His Secret Son *–Harlequin Intrigue #512

Erickson, Lynn–The Ripple Effect *–Mira

Ferrarella, Marie–This Heart for Hire *–Silhoutte Int. Moments #919

Forster, Suzanne–Every Breath She Takes *–Jove

Hawkes, Judith–The Heart of a Witch *–Signet

Hinze, Vicki–Duplicity * –St. Martin’s

Jones, Linda Winstead–Bridger’s Last Stand *–Silhouette Int. Moments #924

Kauffman, Donna–The Legend MacKinnon *–Bantam

Kingsley, Katherine —The Sound of Snow–Dell

Lowell, Elizabeth–Jade Island *–Avon (reprint)

Matthews, Alex —Wanton’s Web *–Intrigue Press (HC)

Michaels, Fern–Annie’s Rainbow *–Zebra

Oran, Daniel–Ulterior Motive *–Pinnacle (reprint)

Osborn, Elane–The Cop and Calamity Jane *–Silhouette Int. Moments #923

Parker, Barbara–Suspicion of Deceit *–Signet (gothic reprint)

Porter, Cheryl Anne–Captive Angel–St. Martin’s

Quick, Amanda–I Thee Wed–Bantam (HC)

Randall, Lindsay–A Dangerous Courtship–Zebra Regency

Randell, Kimberly–In the Midnight Hour *–Jove (ghost)

Robards, Karen–The Senator’s Wife *–Fawcett (reprint)

Robb, J. D.–Conspiracy in Death *–Berkley

Stevens, Amanda–Lover, Stranger *–Harlequin Intrigue #511

Stockenberg, Antoinette–Keepsake *–St. Martin’s

Thurlo, Aimee–Redhawk’s Return *–Harlequin Intrigue #510

Tillis, Tracey–Final Hour *–Onyx

Watson, Margaret–The Fugitive Bride *–Silhouette Int. Moments #920

Wilhelm, Terri Lynn–Highland Jewel–Penguin/Topaz

Wilson, Gayle–The Bride’s Protector *–Harlequin Intrigue #509