Recommended Reads

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* = Contemporary Setting
HC = Hardcover

Nonfiction 2002

Cavallaro, Dani–The Gothic Vision–Continuum, September 2002

Ramsland, Katherine–The Science of Vampires–Berkley Boulevard, October 2002

Fiction 2002

December 2002

Andersen, Susan–On Thin Ice *–Zebra (reprint)

Barrett, Jean–Official Escort *–Harlequin Intrigue #692

Craft, Francine–Haunted Heart *–BET Books

Davis, Dee–Midnight Rain *–Ballantine (Ivy Books)

Douglas, Charlotte–The Bride’s Rescuer *–Harlequin Intrigue #69l

Heller, Jane–Infernal Affairs *–Kensington (reprint)

Herron, Rita–Memories of Megan * (Nighthawk Island)–Harlequin Intrigue #689

Kearney, Susan–Royal Pursuit * (The Crown Affair)–Harlequin Intrigue #690

Malin, Jennifer–Lord St. Leger’s Find–Zebra Regency Mystery

McKinney, Meagan–Moonlight Becomes Her–Zebra (reprint)

Rogers, Evelyn–The Ghost of Carnal Cove–Leisure (gothic)

Turner, Elizabeth–Just Before Daybreak–Zebra (gothic)

November 2002

Alers, Rochelle–Homecoming *–BET Books

Collum, Lynn–A Kiss at Midnight–Zebra Regency Mystery

Daniels, B.J.–Premeditated Marriage *–Harlequin Intrigue #687

George, Melanie–To Die For *–Zebra

Hocker, Karla–The Incorrigible Sophia–Zebra Regency Mystery (reprint)

Johnson, Lynn.–Tommy’s Mom *–Harlequin Intrigue #688

Kahn, Sharon–Don’t Cry for Me, Hot Pastrami *–Berkley Prime Crime (reprint)

Kearney, Susan–Royal Ransom * (The Crown Affair)–Harlequin Intrigue #686

Lucas-Taylor, Elizabeth–Unfinished Business *–Dandelion Books (trade paperback)

Madl, Linda–Silk and Secrets –Zebra (gothic)

McKenna, Shannon–Behind Closed Doors *–Brava

Montgomery, Selena–Power of Persuasion *–BET Books

Sawyer, Meryl–Every Waking Moment *–Zebra

Sumners, Cristina–Crooked Heart *–Bantam (HC)

Wilson, Gayle–Rafe Sinclair’s Revenge * (Phoenix Brotherhood)–Harlequin Intrigue #685

Winters, Angela–Dangerous Memories *–BET Books

October 2002

Anthology–Tart Noir *–Berkley Prime Crime

Albert, Michele–Getting Her Man *–Avon

Banks, T.F.–The Thief Taker –Dell (reprint)

Cameron, Stella–True Bliss *–Zebra (reprint)

Delacroix, Claire–The Rogue –Warner

Drake, Shannon–Realm of Shadows–Zebra

Ferguson, Jo Ann–A Rather Necessary End–Zebra Regency Mystery

Greene, Maria–A Christmas Blessing–Zebra Regency (ghost)

Kerstan, Lynn–The Golden Leopard–Onyx

Knight, Allison–Brides of Owl’s Head–Wings EPress (gothic)

Martin, Nancy–How to Murder a Millionaire *–Signet

Neilson, Sherri–Free Falling–PublishAmerica, Inc. (paranormal)

Soos, Troy–The Gilded Cage–Kensington (HC)

Terreri, Malinda–To Give or Deceive *–Berkley Prime Crime

Thomoas, Jacquelin–Stolen Hearts *–BET Books

September 2002

Anthology–His Eternal Kiss–Kensington (trade paperback–vampire)
Karla Hocker, Judith A. Lansdowne, Jeanne Savery

Anthology–Lords of the Night–Zebra (vampire)
Janice Bennett, Sara Blayne, Monique Ellis

Anthology–Some Enchanted Evening *–Zebra
Linda Devlin, Sandyh Moffett, Deb Stover

Abbott, Jeff–Black Jack Point *–Onyx

Andersen, Susan–Shadow Dance *–Avon (reprint)

Berenson, Laurien–Hot Dog *–Kensington (HC)

Cameron, Stella–Cold Day in July *–Kensington (HC)

Crombie, Deborah–And Justice There is None *–Bantam (HC)

Heller, Jane–Cha Cha Cha *–Kensington (reprint)

McBride, Mary–Still Mr. and Mrs. *–Warner

Michaels, Fern–Kentucky Heat *–Zebra (reprint)

Robb, J.D.–Purity in Death *–Berkley

Savoy, Deirdre–Holding Out for a Hero *–BET Books

Tyner, Marilyn–One Heartbeat at a Time *–BET Books

Wright, Courtni–A Charmed Love *–Zebra Arabesque

August 2002

Cameron, Stella–Tell Me Why *–Zebra (reprint)

Hocker, Karla–The Impertinent Miss Bancroft–Zebra Regency (reprint)

London, Cait–When Night Falls *–Avon

O’Shaughnessy, Perri–Unfit to Practice *–Delacorte (HC)

Stuart, Anne–Still Lake *–Mira

July 2002

Basso, Adrienne–To Protect an Heiress –Zebra

Cameron, Stella–Guilty Pleasures *–Zebra (reprint)

Castillo, Linda–The Perfect Victim *–Jove

Clayton, Alana–A Spirited Romance –Zebra Regency (ghost)

Davis, Nageeba–An Opening For Murder *–Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Dunn, Carola–Dead in the Water *–Kensington

Gavaler, Chris–Pretend I’m Not Here *–Harper Torch

Grace, Susan–The Prodigal Son–Zebra Ballad

Hooper, Kay–Whisper of Evil *–Bantam

Isaacs, Susan–Long Time No See *–Harper Torch (reprint)

Mathews, Francine–The Secret Agent *–Bantam (HC)

Michaels, Kasey–Maggie Needs an Alibi *–Kensington (HC)

Moffett, Sandy–Call Down the Night–Zebra Ballad

Rand, Naomi–The One That Got Away *–Avon (reprint)

Ross, Robert–Where Darkness Lives *–Pinnacle

Sims, Janice–For Your Love *–BET Books

Strider, Judi L.–Hold on to My Heart *–Publish America

Taylor, Janelle–Night Moves *–Zebra (reprint)

June 2002

Abrams, Nita–The Exiles –Zebra

Icilyn, Sonia–Possession *–BET Books

Jackson, Lisa–Cold Blooded *–Zebra

Knight, Allison–Secrets of Hanson Hall–Wings Press (gothic)

Levine, Laura–This Pen for Hire *–Kensington (HC)

Quick, Amanda–Don’t Look Back–Bantam (HC)

May 2002

Anderson, Bridget–All Because of You *–BET Books

Apodaca, Jennifer–Dating Can Be Murder *–Kensington (HC)

Emery, Lynn–Tell Me Something Good *–Harper Torch

Lowell, Elizabeth–Moving Target *–Avon (reprint)

Madden, Sandra–A Princess Born: Of Royal Birth –Zebra Ballad

Martin, Kat–Hot Rain *–Zebra

McClafferty, S.K.–As Night Falls *–Zebra

Quick, Amanda–Don’t Look Back–Bantam (HC)

Rogers, Evelyn–The Grotto–LoveSpell Candleglow (gothic)

Stockenberg, Antoinette–Sand Castles*–St. Martin’s Press

Toombs, Jane–Nightingale Man–Hard Shell Word Factory

Vida, Nina–End of Marriage *–Simon & Schuster (HC)

Wolf, Joan–Silverbridge *–Warner

April 2002

Anthology–Shapeshifters *–New Concepts Publishing
Robin Bayne, Jane Toombs, Jennifer Dunne, and Myra Nour

Barton, Beverly–What She Doesn’t Know *–Zebra

Britton, Vickie and Loretta Jackson–Path of the Jaguar *–Thorndike Press (Large Print Candlelight Series, HC)

Burnell, Mark–Chameleon *–HarperCollins (HC)

Castillo, Linda–Just a Little Bit Dangerous *–Silhouette Int. Moments #1145

Donovan, Kate–Night After Night–Zebra Ballad

Fowler, Earlene–Steps to the Altar *–Berkley Prime Crime (HC)

Greene, Maria–The Ghost and Mrs. Wenthaven –Zebra Regency (gothic)

Harrison, Shirley–The Proposition *–BET Books

Johansen, Iris–Body of Lies *–Bantam (HC)

Johnson, Sharleen–Show Me Your Heart *–Treble Heart Books

Knoll, Anne–The House in Thornton Wood–LoveSpell Candleglow (gothic)

Louise, Kim–Falling For You *–BET Books

McCafferty, Barbara Taylor and Beverly Taylor Herald–Double Date *–Kensington (reprint)

Meredith, Marilyn–Intervention *–Golden Eagle Press

Wilson-Harris, Crystal–Love’s Destiny *–BET Books

March 2002

Byrd, Adrianne–Surrender To Love *–BET Books

Clayton, Alana–The Mistress Thief–Zebra Regency Mystery

Cote, Lyn–Winter’s Secret *–Tyndale House (trade pb)

Fox, Kathryn–The Seduction –Zebra

Girard, Danielle–Chasing Darkness *–Onyx

Janssen, Christine–Stand on Your Own *–Wings Press

Maxwell, Ann–Shadow and Silk *–Zebra (reprint)

Moffett, Julie–Light a Single Candle –Zebra Ballad

Peart, Jane–A Sinister Silence –Revell (gothic)

Perkin, Norah-Jean–Night Secrets *–Love Spell (supernatural tiime travel)

Peters, Elizabeth–The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits *–Avon (reprint)

Quick, Amanda–Slightly Shady –Bantam (reprint)

Robb, J.D.–Reunion in Death *–Berkley

Ross, Clarissa–Out of the Fog–Thorndike (gothic, large print HC)

Staub, Wendy Corsi–In the Blink of an Eye *–Pinnacle

Sullo, Eleanor–Moonrakers–Wings Press (gothic)

Toombs, Jane–13 West*–New Concepts Publishing

Young, Karen–Someone Knows *–Zebra

February 2002

Alers, Rochelle–No Compromise *–BET Books

Andrews, Mary Kay–Savannah Blues *–HarperCollins (HC)

Davis, Dee–Dark of the Night *–Ivy

Fyfield, Frances–Undercurrents *–Penguin (reprint)

Lewis, Shelby–Simply Marvelous *–BET Books

Overfield, Joan–The Shadowing–LoveSpell Candleglow (gothic)

Paige, Robin–Death at Dartmoor –Berkley Peime Crime (HC)

Paige, Robin–Death at Epsom Downs –Berkley Prime Crime (reprint)

Perrin, Kayla–Say You Need Me *–Harper Torch

Sawyer, Meryl–Unforgettable *–Zebra (reprint)

Sneed, Tamara–When I Fall in Love *–BET Books

Staub, Wendy Corsi–Fade to Black *–Pinnacle (reprint)

Wright, Courtni–Uncovered Passion *–BET Books

January 2002

Anthology–The Only Thing Better Than Chocolate *–Zebra
Dailey, Janet, Sandra Steffan, Kylie Adams

Andersen, Susan–Head Over Heels *–Avon

Devine, Thea–Desire Me Only –Kensington Brava (trade PB reprint)

Dorrenstein, Renate–A Heart of Stone *–Penguin (trade PB)

Hern, Candice–The Bride Sale –Avon

Long, James–Silence and Shadows *–Bantam (reprint)

Manees, Raynetta–Heart of the Matter *–BET Books

McKinney, Meagan–Still of the Night *–Zebra (reprint)

Michaels, Fern–Plain Jane *–Zebra (reprint)

Michaels, Kasey–Then Comes Marriage *–Warner

Montgomery, Selena–The Art of Desire *–BET Books

Peters, Elizabeth–Die for Love *–Avon (reprint)

Reed, David D.–The President’s Weekend *–ViviSphere Publishing (HC)

Ross, Dan–Cliffhaven–Thorndike (Large Print HC) (gothic)

Schilling, Vivian–Quietus *–Hannover House (HC)

Sullo, Eleanor–The Emerald Eye *–Treble Heart Books

Todd, Catherine–Exit Strategies *–William Morrow (HC)

Upcher, Caroline–The Visitors’ Book *–Kensington (HC)

Willis, Connie–Passage *–Bantam (reprint)

Winters, Angela–Love on the Run *–BET Books